Yet Another daGrevis Blog

I want to blog. I created my first blog using WordPress in 2009. It’s long time gone, but you can still find sites linking to it. Some time after that I finally learned enough programming to make a blog from the ground up. Back then I used PHP and I’m grateful I still have the source code with me. It’s a good reminder of my early code. In 2012 I decided to learn Python. I created where I used to blog in Latvian. It’s time to start a new blog.

I chose Jekyll because I wanted a static site. For blogs like these you don’t actually need to have server that regenerates page on every request. It just doesn’t make sense for blog posts. I tried other alternatives to Jekyll like Pelican and Wintersmith, but at the end decided to stick with Jekyll because it’s popular, proven and works fine for my needs. Somewhere in between I even managed to write my own static site generator. It’s just a thing I do. I hack on things because I find it fun.

Static sites are especially appealing to programmers. You can write blog post in the same editor you write your code. It means you can write your Markdown blog posts in Vim if you are into that. Deployment is a breeze. You can clone the Git repo, make a change, and push to deploy. You can even make an edit through GitHub to quickly fix important typo from your iPhone. And because everything is in Git, you have full history of the whole project for free.

I wanted to make my blog look good so I started with beautiful fonts. I’m using Franklin Gothic for body text and Montserrat for headlines. I think they go well together. For monospaced font I’m using Inconsolata, the same font I use when I’m coding. I prefer big letters and a lot of whitespace because it improves readability and looks great. I didn’t want to risk with colors so I went with flat UI color palette. Finally I made a logo by adding Root icon and Star icon together. I can’t recommend Noun Project enough, they are my go-to site for vector icons!

A few days ago I saw “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator” TED talk and it got me thinking. I suddenly felt very guilty about delaying blogging for so long. The next day I received an invoice for domain name. Yes, I had a blog available for a whole year, but I’m writing my first blog post just now. That was the deadline I needed. I will write at least a single post every month from now on. It may not be pretty at the beginning, but I have to start somewhere.

I will be writing about thoughts I find curious. I might share my newest toy project with you. I might write about my experience with some new developer tool I have used recently. I might try to explain why I think some ways of doing programming are better than others. I might even tell you a story about crazy bugs I have seen and fixed. Thank you for reading! Follow me on Twitter for more updates!