About Me

My real name is Raitis Stengrevics, but I always go by daGrevis on the internet. I live in Riga, Latvia with my girlfriend. Currently I work at OrangeLV as a software developer. I have always been very passionate about programming and the way things work. I love listening to music and traveling abroad.

Most of my time I write code in JavaScript/TypeScript nowadays. I’m also proficient in Python and I have hands-on experience with Clojure, Lua, PHP, VimL and more. I like to learn about different approaches in solving problems because there’s always a better way to do something. All the code I can share can be found on my GitHub.

Raitis Stengrevics

Disclaimer: English is not my native language so that’s that for mistakes. I would appreciate if you could point out what’s wrong by making a pull request or simply sending me a message!